Friday, December 18, 2009

Enough Already!

12 Ho's a talkin'....

11 lawyers arguing....

10 sponsors running....

9 cell phones sexting...

8 golf clubs broken.......
7 tournaments cancelled...
6 million lost dollars....
5 stupid apologies...
4 endless media reports...
3 pissed off in-laws...
2 alter egos...
And a douche-bag in a trashed S

My personal tribute to Trash Media, can we get on with the holiday season now! Who really cares what grief Tiger Woods has caused himself. It's his karmic pool, let him swim in it. I feel for his wife, as any woman would, but do we really need 24/7 coverage of this sad state of affairs? Does she?
Where is the Christmas spirit in all of this? TV News Media really sucks the big one!
Merry Christmas NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and lest us not forget FOX........

(props to the cartoonist)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #10 - Stories

This week I will let my friend Vicki Dynes inspire you. This story was written by her. She could use some inspiration herself, she is home sick with pneumonia.
Ephesus Learns How a Rock Became a Grain of Sand
The fish did not hear her and soon was out of sight. She looked up in the sky and saw a seagull. “Oh Hello” she said to the seagull, “Can you fly down here and talk to me?” The seagull cawed and swooped down near her. “Oh thank goodness” she thought, “Someone is going to come and play with me.” The seagull came very close, in fact so close Ephesus was splashed with water. No sooner had the seagull crashed into the water it was gone, soaring up into the air with a small fish in its mouth. In complete dismay, Ephesus lamented out loud, “Nobody wants to talk to me. I am so lonely and bored. I wish a wave could come back and take me out to sea to play with my friends again.” With this thought in mind she started watching the waves intently. Imagining that they were getting closer and closer but they were actually getting further away. This was too much for her to bear and she burst out into tears. “Oh I am so lonely and there is no one to talk to or play with.” She was deserted on the shore. With it being low tide she realized that it would not be until morning that a big wave would come again. Her sobs became louder but were quelled when she fell asleep from her exhaustion.
The next morning she woke up and realized where she was. She was about to sob again when she heard a little voice. “Who said that?” asked Ephesus. She listened again. She looked above in the sky. She looked in the water and out at the waves. She could see no one. “There is no need to cry. Everything will be all right” a little voice said.
She looked down around her and all she could see was the sandy beach and a few twigs of seaweed. “Where are you?” she asked. “I am down here. There is no need to cry. We heard you sobbing yesterday and we thought we better talk to you before you start sobbing again.” To Ephesus’ surprise she realized that a little grain of sand was speaking to her.
The little grain was glistening in the sun and seemed to be sparkling with all the colours of the rainbow. “Oh you are so beautiful but so little” blurted out Ephesus before she could think of a proper introduction to her new potential friend.“You are very beautiful too” said the little grain of sand. Ephesus starting smiling for the first time since the moment she realized she would be stuck on the shore. “I am so glad you started talking to me. I am so bored and I just can’t wait for the high tide to come and wash me out to sea so I can play with my friends again. There is nothing to do.”
The little grain of sand paused for a moment and seemed to be contemplating what it was going to say next. “Can you turn and look at the hill behind you?” asked the little grain of sand. Ephesus turned and looked, but all she could see was a hill, some plants and a few rocks. She had no idea why the grain of sand would want her to look over there. “Do you see anything similar to me?” further asked the little grain of sand. She was confused and thought she would take a guess to impress her new found and only, current friend. “Well, I see some colors” said Ephesus. Ephesus was a little impatient but was trying to be nice for fear her new friend would not talk to her. “See the rocks over there. We are very similar. There is only one difference. Do you know what that difference is?” asked the little grain of sand. Now Ephesus was getting even more frustrated. Without thinking much about it and hoping that the tide was going to come soon and wash her away she said “I give up - tell me.” The grain of sand replied “It is time. Many moons ago I was a big rock but with time I became smaller and smaller and now here I am.”
Suddenly Ephesus was impressed. “Wow! How could you wait so long to change yourself in to a little grain of sand?” She thought of how quickly she became bored with sitting on the shore. “It’s not a matter of waiting. It’s a matter of being” said the little grain of sand. Ephesus was now really interested in what the little grain of sand had to say. “What do you mean by being?” The little grain of sand replied, “With each moment of time you can be whatever you want to be. Nothing matters in the past or future. Every moment is new and exciting.” “ And what is the purpose of being?” asked Ephesus. This seemed like a very smart question to ask. “If you are being yourself you will enjoy the cycles of life.” continued the little grain of sand. The little grain of sand paused again searching for the right words to use. “If you can accept change freely and allow yourself to be whatever you feel like being you will never be bored again. You will look at every experience with enthusiasm and excitement. You will discover things you might want to change about yourself. You will have the faith and perseverance to change them.” Now Ephesus was lost. “What does faith and perseverance mean?” she asked.
Answered the little grain of sand: “It means that with each change you are about to make you will be focused, disciplined and supported. I will explain by an example. As a rock, I went through frustration not wanting to get smaller. I resisted. It took a long time before I could see what I was resisting. You might want to call it a blind spot. Next I was mad at the creator for making me a rock and subjecting me to the elements. After this I thought it must be my entire fault - that I must have done something to deserve this. This is when I became really confused. This is when I could really have lost my chance to be”. The little grain of sand paused as if waiting for a question from Ephesus. Ephesus thought hard as to what she should ask. Delighted she asked “What saved you from not being?” Her words were not well chosen but she thought it was a great question to ask. “Just in my greatest moment of despair a little grain of sand started talking to me and explained to me about focus, discipline and support. When I calmed down I felt solidly connected with earth and I could think how fun and exciting it would be to become a grain of sand. I became grounded.” replied the little grain of sand. The little grain of sand went further to say “I stayed within myself. I felt and visualized my connection with Mother Earth. I focused on allowing the water to embrace me and make me smaller. I disciplined myself to be on the beach at a location where both high tide and low tide could reach me. I tried to embrace each wave with a new delight knowing that I was on a journey of change. I accepted the support from my friends to face the changes so I was not alone.” The little grain of sand waited to see if Ephesus wanted to ask anymore questions. Ephesus was busy trying to absorb everything and could not think of any questions.
The little grain of sand decided to continue its story, “With time my friends and I realized we were no longer huge rocks but little grains of sand. We celebrated and played games with one and other. We then rested quietly in the sun and took in what a huge accomplishment each and every one of us had made. As we sat back in the sun we noticed such bright colours and light. The brilliance was dazzling to our eyes. We suddenly realized that the bright colors were coming from us. Again we went through another change together but this time it was much easier. And…”
In that moment a huge wave came galloping up on to the shore with such vigor that both Ephesus and the little grain of sand did not know what was happening. In a moment, Ephesus was being embraced and carried back to the depths of the sea. The little grain of sand called out “Goodbye. I love you and wish you many wonderful changes.” Ephesus panicked realizing that she forgot to ask one question but remembering her manners she said: “Goodbye. I love you. I still don’t know what you mean by grounding?” The anxiety was showing in her last question. The little grain of sand replied in all of its beauty: “You can always come back again. If you can’t find me I have many friends that can help you out.”
Ephesus felt tightness in her chest and throat and did not understand why this was happening. Before she knew it though she was deep in the sea and amongst her friends. They asked her if she was okay. She replied “I am much better than okay. I am great and I can be whatever I want to be.”

It was then that her friends noticed that Ephesus was much brighter and more colourful than they had ever seen her before.

Monday, October 26, 2009

More Pumpkins

This is your brain on Halloween overload, this is your Pumpkin on Crack!

Could you just imagine the look on Linus's face if he saw this Great Pumpkin cresting over the field......
He'd gone face down in the dirt, strangling himself with his own blanket trying to make a get away. Now there's a Charlie Brown cartoon I could get on board with! Those toons always gave me a glazed over, bored to tears look on my face. I don't care how classic they are, those kids desperately needed to get off the Prozac and on some sugar!

I picked this guy up in a ceramic shop about 7 years ago, I laughed so hard when I saw him on the shelf. He was just so in your face about the so called scariness of Halloween. It took me only a few hours to paint him up. I'm extremely proud of how he turned out. I brake him out every year and put on the front desk at work, he brings out a smile in everyone that walks by.

Grin, it makes people wonder what you're up to!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Punkin Week - Tuesday

Punkins, Arizona Style...

Ceramic globes of burnt orange for your yard, what a waste. When you're a town that has Aliens, how do meer pumpkins top that? If you can't get ET to sit on your porch, apparently these are the next best thing.
But I agree with Don, pumpkins should not be this perfect. Where's the fun in that! Make'em goofy, huge, colorful and a reflection of your crazy, creative, self!
No pumpkin seeds either, how depressing...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #9 - Business Ventures

Aliens don't exactly inspire me as much as the fact that someone had the balls to set up this business venture in the first place. Apparently aliens have been seen in and around the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ for eons. Must be all that Vortex Energy! But some witty soul saw the need for a service to promote (and exploit, some say) the Alien Visitations. People constantly asking where they have been seen, have they ever landed, where might we spot them? Ask and ye shall receive! So was born the 'Ye Olde UFO Store'. Where you can buy all things aliens, hear stories and even set yourself up for a UFO Sighting Adventure, combing the desert at night with your guide looking for ETs or visiting 'UFO Hot Spots'. Their website is loaded with photos of swirling orbs captured on film! There's a lot, and I mean a lot of energy and unseen beings in Sedona among the Red Rocks, thousands of years of inhabitants will leave a mark on land like that, I don't feel that they are all alien, might want to take a Medium with you just so you know who you're hanging out with tho.
This shop inspires you to do something new, to venture out there, to take a walk to the Twilight Zone (no vampires here, just Greys). This place challenges you to open your mind to the possibly that you are not the only living, breathing, moving being in the Universe. I myself have always believed that 'we are not alone'. I'm not that arrogant, but alas, some are. So if the 'Ye Olde UFO Store' can get your curiosity going, make you think outside the 'box', then this was a business venture well conceived. The owners 'believe' and are more than happy to help you expand your Universe.
Take a hike into the desert in the dead of night, with the guide who looks mysteriously like Fox Mulder, your camera ready, your eyes wide open and at the end of the trail you just might see ET phoning home or Area 51 for back up!
If you you have an ET story of your own, I'd like to hear it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #8 - Cactus

Saguaro Cactus (above)
Prickly Pear Cactus (above)

Agave Cactus and Prickly Pear (above)

Agave (fat green one), Teddy Bear Cholla (fuzzy white) and Buckhorn Cholla (yellow flowers)
Beautiful, supple plumpness, soft to the eye, flowing with color, textures to die for!
But beware the just might get hurt! As a matter of fact, it's guaranteed!
Sound like something familiar? These simple little sun sucking planets could be a wonderful metaphor for say; People? Life? Love? Spirituality? (what's your metaphor?)
Beauty and the Beast all rolled into one.
But then again, what's life without a little prick once in awhile?
Open yourself up to Beauty and the Beast.
Let the Cactus of Arizona inspire you to get pricked, you just might enjoy it!
Finding a new dimension to yourself in the process. Don't worry about the blood, consider it a badge of honor.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #7 - Peacefulness

Today it's up to you to create the peacefulness you long for............

Off to Arizona, be back Pumpkin Week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I'm Too Sexy for My Fur....

Worship me.........................

Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #6 - Cookies for Shirley

I didn't think that I was feeling much inspired today about anything. My friend Shirley (with her husband Cliff above) passed away on Saturday. She hadn't been well for a while, and the last time I spoke with her, she could barely breath. But she never lost her sense of humor, her feisty kiss my a** attitude, her appetite for cookies and her love of gambling. Only person I ever knew that bet money on Survivor every season! I met her where I work, she was 57 then and had recently lost her youngest son to suicide. She needed to occupy her time and get back to living. We bonded almost immediately, we both had a wacky sense of humor, valued common sense, loved animals, had messed up Mothers and a 'bite me' attitude.
She lost her husband to cancer 4 years ago. She cared for him herself right up until the very end. I told her she had more strength than she could ever imagine and she told me later "I guess you were right". She had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and I always knew when she was about to get pneumonia or sick and would her make go to the doctors, she'd come back from the doctor's saying 'You always know, even my doctor is impressed, what would I do without you'. I knew the last time I talked to her too, but I just couldn't bring myself to accept it.
Shirley's back home with her hubby of 50 years and her son, so I know she's very happy. She told me once that I reminded her of herself except that it took her a little longer to develop the bite me attitude. So I realized that with Shirley I got to actually see myself at her age. She showed me my future of shorts, and it's a message I take to heart. I was proud to be her friend and enjoyed every conversation, rehash of Hell's Kitchen and laugh we ever had together, not to mention the hundreds of cookies we ate. So Shirley inspires me once again today to live life with no regrets. She didn't want a do over on her life, and she lived every minute of it the best she could , crap and all. She did her way and so shall I.
So damn the torpedoes and bring on the Fudge Striped Keebler Cookies!
Till we meet again, Love yah Shirl.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rock Week - Peace Rock

This beauty resides in the yard of my in-laws in Kingston, TN. As you wind your way up the driveway it is the first thing you see. My brother-in-law Nathan built this with his own 2 hands and his engineering degree, just like everything else on Hammonds Hill.

He has served in the Navy Reserves for over 40 years, did a year in Desert Storm and 4 years ago served in Iraq. Even though he is Navy, our troops were so strapped for Commanders he did his tour on the ground in charge of a troop of men so much younger (all in their 20's) than him that they nicknamed him "Grandpa". He just retired from the service this year at the age of 60.

He spent countless hours laying 8 layers of decorative stone into the ground and above to make sure his Freedom Flag and Navy Flag fly straight and high each day. This is his monument to Peace.

He is a small town guy with a big heart, broad shoulders, a wicked sense of humor, dirty hands and a fierce love of his country. He is the poster child for the American Dream. Came from close to nothing, got a job at the local power authority, bought a piece of land, built every structure on the land (the house is made from the trees he cut down), joined the service to give back and put himself thru college at the age of 40. He is in his own right, a rock. A rock that gives hope and helps keep the peace.

And we are grateful to the Peace Rocks that line this planet, human or otherwise.

Imagine all the people living life in Peace - John Lennon

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock Week - Stone Tools

This is my fire pit, as pathetic as it looks, I've rebuilt it twice since we moved here. The ground keeps shifting, so the rocks keeping leaning. Oh, well, another redo next year.
I love a big bonfire, all glowing orange, red and yellow with little blue flames dancing around the inside. My husband says I must have been an pyromaniac in a previous life! More than likely I was burned at the stake, but no more fear of fire here, just enjoying it this time around. Without our wonderful friends the rocks, I'd be scorching up the lawn and the shed. I assume this is how our ancestors learned that containing the fire with rocks was a smart idea.
Rocks have helped us learn to control this helpful element, fire, what a nice gift. They've also helped us contain the water element too. Wow, what a useful, amazing tool the rock has become. Not to mention the actual 'tools' we've made from rocks. Discoveries we've made about our world and the people before us, we could go on and on. Makes you wonder, we'd probably be SOL without them. Interesting how we learned all these things from what some might call just a 'simple rock'. So as quiet and still as they are, we have still managed to gain great insight from them. Makes you think twice about calling them inanimate objects doesn't it?
Never under estimate the power or knowledge of a Rock and you might want to thank one the next time you trip over it in the Walmart parking lot instead of kicking it aside.
Thank you Rock Gods
(no offense to any musicians who think they are rock gods, with one exception to Bono)

p.s. Graciel has been fishing for rocks all week at Murder Creek, if anyone's interested in where it is and why it's called that, check out this link, it's a local legend here in NY.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rock Week - Sedona

Sedona Arizona, Rock Freaking Heaven!
These pictures are courtesy of my cousin Ryan and his wife from their vacation 2 years ago. I have been dying to go to Arizona ever since I first saw these rocks back when I was a kid. It's one of those places that you know you just have to get there no matter what. So finally this year on September 30th my cousin and I will be whisking ourselves off to the desert.
The rocks here are supposed have the most amazing energy fields and certain spots have what is known as Vortexes, places of immense energy fields. I have a friend who lived there for many years and has actually stood upon these Vortexes and witnessed the feelings vibrating thru your whole body. I've even heard from folks who don't 'believe' shall we say in such things, own up to the fact that yes, they felt 'something'. I'm sure we've all heard the stories, but I'll have plenty to share when I get back.
I can't wait to put my padded little paws on this hollowed ground and soak up the pure energy of Planet Earth in it's rawest form! Squeal like pig...happy, happy, joy, joy!!
What better way to ground yourself completely, what better way to actually become a piece of Mother Earth. Here, now and forever. Being a part of the planet insures your soul a stake in the future of this Blue Ball and your own existence on it.
Live, breath, touch and be the Earth!
Visit other Rock Freaks at Graciel's place.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rock Week - Pyramid

This is my own personal Stonehenge. I set it up under my lilac trees when the trees were still skinny and short, now it's mired beneath the over grown tree and barely visible, unless you're looking for it. Not to mention we need a redo on the mulch!
I realized as I was taking this picture how the shape of the rock is a pyramid, which for some reason has escaped me until now. I love pyramids, always have, absolutely fascinated by how they were built, who built them and dear God how did they make those layers? So it's very fitting that my ' Pyramidhenge' is just that. A small little unassuming place of worship in my yard, to worship the wonderful things nature does for us and to invite any Nature Spirits that wish to join together and celebrate.
Foresting for rocks is healing, digging them up, trying to carry your bounty back home, the birds watching you fight the dry hardened earth for that rock you just have to have! Digging your heels and hands into Mother Earth on a quest for the ultimate rock, that's getting grounded, that's getting in touch with yourself and your planet.
Get yourself a bucket, a small spade, some sneakers and find yourself a bundle of rocks just screaming to be your own personal Stonehenge, Pyramid or monument. Get back in touch with the planet and her spirits.

Inspire Me Mondays #5 - Rock Week

The Guardians, that is what I like to call these 2 huge boulders that sit in front of my house. One on each side of the driveway. When we moved here they were sitting quietly in the grass, asleep and bored with their existence. I dug up the weeds and grass and displaced the many mice that had taken up residence there and adorned them with flowers and foliage to bring many a visitor to their sacred space. If these big boys were going to guard the way to my door, the least I could do was to make them feel welcome and a part of the land. They needed to have a purpose other than guardian. So now they serve as the local Bed and Breakfast for the usual flood of ants, spiders, butterflies, grasshoppers, birds, rabbit nests and of course the mice are back! Just about every creature/critter that passes thru my yard has stopped at The Guardian Inn.
These guys were dug up from this very land long ago when the first farm house was built here, I'm sure it took one strong farmer and horses to get them above ground and placed just right. So my thanks goes out to that long deceased farmer for providing me with The Guardians. Rocks are the stability, the glue that holds our big blue planet together, so some respect is long overdue for these fascinating achievements of nature.
Do rocks have a soul? I don't know, but I do believe they have an energy life force distinctly all their own. So don't be so quick to dismiss them. It's been proven that crystals, gemstones and other such rocks can heal, and in order to heal, you must first be able to feel.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #4

Inspired by: The Lion Whisper
Kevin Richardson is a zoologist and animal behaviourist at The Lion Park in Lanseria, Africa. It seems that all it takes to live among our wildlife brethren is understanding that they too have particular personalities, just like us. In Kevin's case, he uses that knowledge to his advantage. A lesson we might all learn well. You don't have to like or hate each other, just understand that everyone is different in their own unique way. Using understanding, trust and love can gain so much more than hatred, abuse and the 'see things my way' attitude.

Kevin has never been attacked or hurt by any of his 'friends'. I'm sure some people think that he is a serious wack job, not me, I admire the man's common sense approach. I believe this is the way we were meant to be with animals and each other. But somehow we've managed to royally screw that up!

So if this guy can sleep and swim with lions, then we can surely manage to get to know our human and wildlife companions a little better. Say good morning to the birds and your neighbor, not so hard to do. Lions represent the ultimate in dignity, integrity and leadership, let's remember that we have those qualities too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #3

Inspired by: Vegetables

Veggies grown in your own garden taste exactly the way you need them too. Your love and devotion to your plants is given back tenfold. Healthy happy dirt, pruning, pulling weeds, watering (OK, haven't had to due any of that this year, Thank you Mother Nature). Talk to them, touch them, walk in the garden in your bare feet, let your plants get to know you and your needs and they will produce the most exquisite tasting food, grown especially for you. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!! Happy Veggies Tales to you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Answers to 5 Questions

All this woman has done since we first met is pick my brain, she uses a shovel by the way. Never anything easy with this one, but I love her anyway!

1. What do you believe that you didn't believe before? What made you change your mind?

I believe that I am the Goddess of my own destiny. It's taken me years to get to this point. When I started out on my spiritual journey I couldn't find the keys. Like placing your car keys down and then forgetting where you put them. My apathy moment came when the friend that I started on the journey with wasn't moving along, she was stuck in revolving rut, but I wasn't. I figured out the only difference between us was that I was taking responsibility for what went on in my life and she was continually blaming everyone else. I call it the 'not my fault' syndrome. When I tried to explain this theory to her, she would have none of it. The world was out to get her, and they were, because she asked them too. Needless to say, we are not friends anymore, the negativity is just too soul sucking. The keys to kingdom lie within!

2. What do you feel is your mission for this lifetime?

I feel that my mission is to empower others, help them understand their own gifts, abilities and inner awareness, in the simplest way possible. It's not a complicated course, KISS, keep it simple spiritually. So that they can stop relying on others to make decisions regarding their lives. People need to know that they are the Masters of their own domains. In the end, there is no one to answer to except yourself, and your God and since you are made in God's image, I guess that means there's no one to answer to but yourself! God put you here to learn and have a good time, it's that simple.

3. What do you love most about being so closely in touch with your intuitive abilities?

What I love most is knowing, we are not alone, never have been, never will be. For someone who had some serious abandonment issues, it's the ultimate high. Knowing that your abilities make you self reliant is comforting too. Knowing you not the only one with abilities and finding your way to these sacred souls is the most fun, what a party we have when were together! and no one is going to burn us at the stake for it. I had a teacher once that told me ' no matter what information you get, it's always right', that one took a bit of getting used to, it sounds like an egotistical statement, but once you swim in for a while, you understand it. When you can pass along information to someone that they thought they would never hear and it heals them in someway, that's the best feeling of all! Never give information that doesn't help to heal someone, otherwise it's not from your heart, just your wallet. Gifts do not equal greed!

4. Name 3 things(?), beings(?), people(?), that, guaranteed, make you happy?

1. My son, of course. He never stops amazing me, he's creative and he has no fear. Amen to that. Flying the Freak Flag at the top of pole for the world to see! Although I wish he would get a job, my food bill is through the roof. And of course my husband, who puts up with my Freak Flag.
2. Music, love music, well anything but Rap, who ever declared that music? Music is a great way to get your vibe tuned to any channel. It relaxes, it heals, it teaches. Nothing rocks your soul like good tunes.
3.Angels, Angels are the ultimate in Unconditional Love (OK, cats are too). Surrounding yourself with Angel pictures, music and just plain calling them to your side. You can't ever go wrong with an Angel in your pocket.
4. My cats, couldn't leave my boys out. Dogs are too needy and let's face it, no all that spiritual. My cats know when to show up and when not to. They know which grocery bag had the canned tuna in it. Their playful moments make you laugh and the wrestling matches are good TV. I'll probably be 'that old cat lady' someday.

5. What is one dream of yours you have yet to invoke?

That would be the dream to have a place where anyone looking for peace, answers, comfort or spiritual need could come and be, just be. No masks, no media overload, no crap. A nice quiet retreat for folks looking to be accepted and loved for who they are. Anybody know any investors that might be interested?

Inspire Me Mondays #2

The Lizard King, oh wait, that's Jim Morrison, not this little guy. No, the picture is not upside down, he is. But anyway, he thinks he's the King of decorative garden rock, and rightly so. I chased him from the driveway in between stones my brother-in-law had lined up in the driveway. He says 'I'm going to hide nice and low to ground where you can't find me, Ha Ha'. Then I proceeded to move 3 blocks away and stuck my camera right in face. All right, take a picture if you must! I asked him, how might I learn to hang upside down. He said, 'You just do it', but I don't have little sticky feet. 'It doesn't matter if your feet are big or small, sticky or not, it's all in the attitude'.

Well, attitude, now there's something I know a little about! So The Lizard King has inspired to remind me how well one's attitude can affect one's existence. A reminder we could use these days. If you think crap's coming your way, you better get yourself an umbrella and some boots. If you're sure that scratch off lottery ticket is going to net you some greenbacks, then don't leave the 7-Eleven until you've scrubbed that puppy clean! I think, therefore I am!

Don't sit around whining you're life is in the crapper, or there's a black cloud over your head, or the world is out to get me. Cause damn straight, that cloud and the world will drop a Universe of hurt on your pretty little head. Ask and ye shall receive! The Universe doesn't determine good or bad when filling a request, it's job is to fill the request as received! It will not filter your thoughts, thoughts are pure form as far as it's concerned, thoughts are to be respected and honored. If you ask for it, whether it's good for you or not, you will get it in one shape or form!

So use the advice of the Lizard King and cop yourself a better attitude! Maybe Jim Morrison had it right too, 'Break on though to the other side', in this case the Positive Side, and you don't even need any drugs to do it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #1

This is Lilth, a Grey Owl, who's been living in the care of the wonderful folks at Wild Kritters in Niagara County. Unfortunately an accident left her blind and unable to use her right eye, so now she spends her days basking on tree branches at the sanctuary and perching on the keeper's hand at shows. She sits for all to see her ultra soft (the softness of feathers aids in the 'stealth' mode) feathery pride, looks you in eye and says "I am a friend". She enjoys the little kids ohs and ahs and shows her head spinning skills as if on queue when questions are asked. I spoke to Lilth and told her how beautiful she was and what a amazing job she was doing as a Spokes-Owl. I dropped a few dollars in the 'help us' jar and told Lilth to keep up the good work. I rarely pass a critter I don't speak to, whether it be a foo-foo dog in a pink sweater or a bumble bee. I can spend hours at PetSmart. Speak to critter friends (bugs,animals,fish), you just might hear them.

Owls, spiritually speaking, are symbolic of clairvoyance and wisdom. Owls see the essence of true wisdom and helps you 'see' that which is hidden in the inner being of yourself and others (darkness, if you will). It's wonderful when you come across an owl, especially in nature, it's a good omen. It's a good time for you to watch, listen and learn what is being said to you.

So if our friend Lilth can overcome her disability and give up her life of flying free on the wind, to teach and educate others. I think they we can all be inspired by her new field of vision! And so, the field mice can rejoice in ecstasy until a new predator swoops down from the sky.

Visit The Wild Kritters,, if you'd like to help out Lilth and friends.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Out There

We have eggs in the nest, let's crack'em open. Keep it simple, I like simple. Simplicity is the keys to the kingdom. Sugar Free and Simple. I don't beat around the bush and I don't sugar coat. This why my dear friend insisted I start this blog. She says, " People need to hear what you have to say". Well, maybe some people, but the whole Internet? She's convinced, so here I am, with my butt hanging in the breeze all because she has faith in me. That's good enough for me, some of the best friends you'll ever have in life know just how to rattle your cage!

So it is with great honor that I bestow upon her once again the opportunity to kick my butt to the curb by inviting her to throw down her 5 Questions, 5 Answers challenge that she featured on her blog in May,

Knock yourself out girlfriend, I'll be waiting with gritted teeth.