Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #1

This is Lilth, a Grey Owl, who's been living in the care of the wonderful folks at Wild Kritters in Niagara County. Unfortunately an accident left her blind and unable to use her right eye, so now she spends her days basking on tree branches at the sanctuary and perching on the keeper's hand at shows. She sits for all to see her ultra soft (the softness of feathers aids in the 'stealth' mode) feathery pride, looks you in eye and says "I am a friend". She enjoys the little kids ohs and ahs and shows her head spinning skills as if on queue when questions are asked. I spoke to Lilth and told her how beautiful she was and what a amazing job she was doing as a Spokes-Owl. I dropped a few dollars in the 'help us' jar and told Lilth to keep up the good work. I rarely pass a critter I don't speak to, whether it be a foo-foo dog in a pink sweater or a bumble bee. I can spend hours at PetSmart. Speak to critter friends (bugs,animals,fish), you just might hear them.

Owls, spiritually speaking, are symbolic of clairvoyance and wisdom. Owls see the essence of true wisdom and helps you 'see' that which is hidden in the inner being of yourself and others (darkness, if you will). It's wonderful when you come across an owl, especially in nature, it's a good omen. It's a good time for you to watch, listen and learn what is being said to you.

So if our friend Lilth can overcome her disability and give up her life of flying free on the wind, to teach and educate others. I think they we can all be inspired by her new field of vision! And so, the field mice can rejoice in ecstasy until a new predator swoops down from the sky.

Visit The Wild Kritters,, if you'd like to help out Lilth and friends.

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