Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Punkin Week - Tuesday

Punkins, Arizona Style...

Ceramic globes of burnt orange for your yard, what a waste. When you're a town that has Aliens, how do meer pumpkins top that? If you can't get ET to sit on your porch, apparently these are the next best thing.
But I agree with Don, pumpkins should not be this perfect. Where's the fun in that! Make'em goofy, huge, colorful and a reflection of your crazy, creative, self!
No pumpkin seeds either, how depressing...

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Candace said...

FUN. Say, tune in to my own blog tomorrow to see the Dawg Punkins. Don't ask. It's UGA. That should tell you plenty.
I found you through Circles of Rain. Your blog is really fun. Inspirational, too.

Candace in Athens