Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rock Week - Stone Tools

This is my fire pit, as pathetic as it looks, I've rebuilt it twice since we moved here. The ground keeps shifting, so the rocks keeping leaning. Oh, well, another redo next year.
I love a big bonfire, all glowing orange, red and yellow with little blue flames dancing around the inside. My husband says I must have been an pyromaniac in a previous life! More than likely I was burned at the stake, but no more fear of fire here, just enjoying it this time around. Without our wonderful friends the rocks, I'd be scorching up the lawn and the shed. I assume this is how our ancestors learned that containing the fire with rocks was a smart idea.
Rocks have helped us learn to control this helpful element, fire, what a nice gift. They've also helped us contain the water element too. Wow, what a useful, amazing tool the rock has become. Not to mention the actual 'tools' we've made from rocks. Discoveries we've made about our world and the people before us, we could go on and on. Makes you wonder, we'd probably be SOL without them. Interesting how we learned all these things from what some might call just a 'simple rock'. So as quiet and still as they are, we have still managed to gain great insight from them. Makes you think twice about calling them inanimate objects doesn't it?
Never under estimate the power or knowledge of a Rock and you might want to thank one the next time you trip over it in the Walmart parking lot instead of kicking it aside.
Thank you Rock Gods
(no offense to any musicians who think they are rock gods, with one exception to Bono)

p.s. Graciel has been fishing for rocks all week at Murder Creek, if anyone's interested in where it is and why it's called that, check out this link, it's a local legend here in NY.

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Sarah said...

Yes, rocks have been an extremely well used resource. I like the comment about the carpark at Walmart too!
Your fire pit looks great-I would love to have one but my garden is very small and I would annoy the neighbours!
Thanks for the link about murder creek-I am going to have a look now.