Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #4

Inspired by: The Lion Whisper
Kevin Richardson is a zoologist and animal behaviourist at The Lion Park in Lanseria, Africa. It seems that all it takes to live among our wildlife brethren is understanding that they too have particular personalities, just like us. In Kevin's case, he uses that knowledge to his advantage. A lesson we might all learn well. You don't have to like or hate each other, just understand that everyone is different in their own unique way. Using understanding, trust and love can gain so much more than hatred, abuse and the 'see things my way' attitude.

Kevin has never been attacked or hurt by any of his 'friends'. I'm sure some people think that he is a serious wack job, not me, I admire the man's common sense approach. I believe this is the way we were meant to be with animals and each other. But somehow we've managed to royally screw that up!

So if this guy can sleep and swim with lions, then we can surely manage to get to know our human and wildlife companions a little better. Say good morning to the birds and your neighbor, not so hard to do. Lions represent the ultimate in dignity, integrity and leadership, let's remember that we have those qualities too.


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Perfectly said, as usual! On one of my rarest of days watching television recently, I chose a Nat Geo program about lions and cats. We can certainly learn great lessons from these feline wonders.

Sarah said...

That is so inspiring thank you! How amazing he is.