Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rock Week - Pyramid

This is my own personal Stonehenge. I set it up under my lilac trees when the trees were still skinny and short, now it's mired beneath the over grown tree and barely visible, unless you're looking for it. Not to mention we need a redo on the mulch!
I realized as I was taking this picture how the shape of the rock is a pyramid, which for some reason has escaped me until now. I love pyramids, always have, absolutely fascinated by how they were built, who built them and dear God how did they make those layers? So it's very fitting that my ' Pyramidhenge' is just that. A small little unassuming place of worship in my yard, to worship the wonderful things nature does for us and to invite any Nature Spirits that wish to join together and celebrate.
Foresting for rocks is healing, digging them up, trying to carry your bounty back home, the birds watching you fight the dry hardened earth for that rock you just have to have! Digging your heels and hands into Mother Earth on a quest for the ultimate rock, that's getting grounded, that's getting in touch with yourself and your planet.
Get yourself a bucket, a small spade, some sneakers and find yourself a bundle of rocks just screaming to be your own personal Stonehenge, Pyramid or monument. Get back in touch with the planet and her spirits.


Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Amen. I say, amen!

Sarah said...

I love your little stone henge and how you just naturally put a pyramid there. Lovely!