Monday, August 31, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #4

Inspired by: The Lion Whisper
Kevin Richardson is a zoologist and animal behaviourist at The Lion Park in Lanseria, Africa. It seems that all it takes to live among our wildlife brethren is understanding that they too have particular personalities, just like us. In Kevin's case, he uses that knowledge to his advantage. A lesson we might all learn well. You don't have to like or hate each other, just understand that everyone is different in their own unique way. Using understanding, trust and love can gain so much more than hatred, abuse and the 'see things my way' attitude.

Kevin has never been attacked or hurt by any of his 'friends'. I'm sure some people think that he is a serious wack job, not me, I admire the man's common sense approach. I believe this is the way we were meant to be with animals and each other. But somehow we've managed to royally screw that up!

So if this guy can sleep and swim with lions, then we can surely manage to get to know our human and wildlife companions a little better. Say good morning to the birds and your neighbor, not so hard to do. Lions represent the ultimate in dignity, integrity and leadership, let's remember that we have those qualities too.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #3

Inspired by: Vegetables

Veggies grown in your own garden taste exactly the way you need them too. Your love and devotion to your plants is given back tenfold. Healthy happy dirt, pruning, pulling weeds, watering (OK, haven't had to due any of that this year, Thank you Mother Nature). Talk to them, touch them, walk in the garden in your bare feet, let your plants get to know you and your needs and they will produce the most exquisite tasting food, grown especially for you. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!! Happy Veggies Tales to you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

5 Answers to 5 Questions

All this woman has done since we first met is pick my brain, she uses a shovel by the way. Never anything easy with this one, but I love her anyway!

1. What do you believe that you didn't believe before? What made you change your mind?

I believe that I am the Goddess of my own destiny. It's taken me years to get to this point. When I started out on my spiritual journey I couldn't find the keys. Like placing your car keys down and then forgetting where you put them. My apathy moment came when the friend that I started on the journey with wasn't moving along, she was stuck in revolving rut, but I wasn't. I figured out the only difference between us was that I was taking responsibility for what went on in my life and she was continually blaming everyone else. I call it the 'not my fault' syndrome. When I tried to explain this theory to her, she would have none of it. The world was out to get her, and they were, because she asked them too. Needless to say, we are not friends anymore, the negativity is just too soul sucking. The keys to kingdom lie within!

2. What do you feel is your mission for this lifetime?

I feel that my mission is to empower others, help them understand their own gifts, abilities and inner awareness, in the simplest way possible. It's not a complicated course, KISS, keep it simple spiritually. So that they can stop relying on others to make decisions regarding their lives. People need to know that they are the Masters of their own domains. In the end, there is no one to answer to except yourself, and your God and since you are made in God's image, I guess that means there's no one to answer to but yourself! God put you here to learn and have a good time, it's that simple.

3. What do you love most about being so closely in touch with your intuitive abilities?

What I love most is knowing, we are not alone, never have been, never will be. For someone who had some serious abandonment issues, it's the ultimate high. Knowing that your abilities make you self reliant is comforting too. Knowing you not the only one with abilities and finding your way to these sacred souls is the most fun, what a party we have when were together! and no one is going to burn us at the stake for it. I had a teacher once that told me ' no matter what information you get, it's always right', that one took a bit of getting used to, it sounds like an egotistical statement, but once you swim in for a while, you understand it. When you can pass along information to someone that they thought they would never hear and it heals them in someway, that's the best feeling of all! Never give information that doesn't help to heal someone, otherwise it's not from your heart, just your wallet. Gifts do not equal greed!

4. Name 3 things(?), beings(?), people(?), that, guaranteed, make you happy?

1. My son, of course. He never stops amazing me, he's creative and he has no fear. Amen to that. Flying the Freak Flag at the top of pole for the world to see! Although I wish he would get a job, my food bill is through the roof. And of course my husband, who puts up with my Freak Flag.
2. Music, love music, well anything but Rap, who ever declared that music? Music is a great way to get your vibe tuned to any channel. It relaxes, it heals, it teaches. Nothing rocks your soul like good tunes.
3.Angels, Angels are the ultimate in Unconditional Love (OK, cats are too). Surrounding yourself with Angel pictures, music and just plain calling them to your side. You can't ever go wrong with an Angel in your pocket.
4. My cats, couldn't leave my boys out. Dogs are too needy and let's face it, no all that spiritual. My cats know when to show up and when not to. They know which grocery bag had the canned tuna in it. Their playful moments make you laugh and the wrestling matches are good TV. I'll probably be 'that old cat lady' someday.

5. What is one dream of yours you have yet to invoke?

That would be the dream to have a place where anyone looking for peace, answers, comfort or spiritual need could come and be, just be. No masks, no media overload, no crap. A nice quiet retreat for folks looking to be accepted and loved for who they are. Anybody know any investors that might be interested?

Inspire Me Mondays #2

The Lizard King, oh wait, that's Jim Morrison, not this little guy. No, the picture is not upside down, he is. But anyway, he thinks he's the King of decorative garden rock, and rightly so. I chased him from the driveway in between stones my brother-in-law had lined up in the driveway. He says 'I'm going to hide nice and low to ground where you can't find me, Ha Ha'. Then I proceeded to move 3 blocks away and stuck my camera right in face. All right, take a picture if you must! I asked him, how might I learn to hang upside down. He said, 'You just do it', but I don't have little sticky feet. 'It doesn't matter if your feet are big or small, sticky or not, it's all in the attitude'.

Well, attitude, now there's something I know a little about! So The Lizard King has inspired to remind me how well one's attitude can affect one's existence. A reminder we could use these days. If you think crap's coming your way, you better get yourself an umbrella and some boots. If you're sure that scratch off lottery ticket is going to net you some greenbacks, then don't leave the 7-Eleven until you've scrubbed that puppy clean! I think, therefore I am!

Don't sit around whining you're life is in the crapper, or there's a black cloud over your head, or the world is out to get me. Cause damn straight, that cloud and the world will drop a Universe of hurt on your pretty little head. Ask and ye shall receive! The Universe doesn't determine good or bad when filling a request, it's job is to fill the request as received! It will not filter your thoughts, thoughts are pure form as far as it's concerned, thoughts are to be respected and honored. If you ask for it, whether it's good for you or not, you will get it in one shape or form!

So use the advice of the Lizard King and cop yourself a better attitude! Maybe Jim Morrison had it right too, 'Break on though to the other side', in this case the Positive Side, and you don't even need any drugs to do it!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #1

This is Lilth, a Grey Owl, who's been living in the care of the wonderful folks at Wild Kritters in Niagara County. Unfortunately an accident left her blind and unable to use her right eye, so now she spends her days basking on tree branches at the sanctuary and perching on the keeper's hand at shows. She sits for all to see her ultra soft (the softness of feathers aids in the 'stealth' mode) feathery pride, looks you in eye and says "I am a friend". She enjoys the little kids ohs and ahs and shows her head spinning skills as if on queue when questions are asked. I spoke to Lilth and told her how beautiful she was and what a amazing job she was doing as a Spokes-Owl. I dropped a few dollars in the 'help us' jar and told Lilth to keep up the good work. I rarely pass a critter I don't speak to, whether it be a foo-foo dog in a pink sweater or a bumble bee. I can spend hours at PetSmart. Speak to critter friends (bugs,animals,fish), you just might hear them.

Owls, spiritually speaking, are symbolic of clairvoyance and wisdom. Owls see the essence of true wisdom and helps you 'see' that which is hidden in the inner being of yourself and others (darkness, if you will). It's wonderful when you come across an owl, especially in nature, it's a good omen. It's a good time for you to watch, listen and learn what is being said to you.

So if our friend Lilth can overcome her disability and give up her life of flying free on the wind, to teach and educate others. I think they we can all be inspired by her new field of vision! And so, the field mice can rejoice in ecstasy until a new predator swoops down from the sky.

Visit The Wild Kritters,, if you'd like to help out Lilth and friends.