Monday, August 17, 2009

Inspire Me Mondays #2

The Lizard King, oh wait, that's Jim Morrison, not this little guy. No, the picture is not upside down, he is. But anyway, he thinks he's the King of decorative garden rock, and rightly so. I chased him from the driveway in between stones my brother-in-law had lined up in the driveway. He says 'I'm going to hide nice and low to ground where you can't find me, Ha Ha'. Then I proceeded to move 3 blocks away and stuck my camera right in face. All right, take a picture if you must! I asked him, how might I learn to hang upside down. He said, 'You just do it', but I don't have little sticky feet. 'It doesn't matter if your feet are big or small, sticky or not, it's all in the attitude'.

Well, attitude, now there's something I know a little about! So The Lizard King has inspired to remind me how well one's attitude can affect one's existence. A reminder we could use these days. If you think crap's coming your way, you better get yourself an umbrella and some boots. If you're sure that scratch off lottery ticket is going to net you some greenbacks, then don't leave the 7-Eleven until you've scrubbed that puppy clean! I think, therefore I am!

Don't sit around whining you're life is in the crapper, or there's a black cloud over your head, or the world is out to get me. Cause damn straight, that cloud and the world will drop a Universe of hurt on your pretty little head. Ask and ye shall receive! The Universe doesn't determine good or bad when filling a request, it's job is to fill the request as received! It will not filter your thoughts, thoughts are pure form as far as it's concerned, thoughts are to be respected and honored. If you ask for it, whether it's good for you or not, you will get it in one shape or form!

So use the advice of the Lizard King and cop yourself a better attitude! Maybe Jim Morrison had it right too, 'Break on though to the other side', in this case the Positive Side, and you don't even need any drugs to do it!

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