Monday, January 4, 2010

2+0+1+0=3, Git-R-Done!

It has come to my attention that certain folks of the spiritual persuasion are announcing this year to be a 1 year in terms of numerology. Obviously they are only taking into consideration the last 2 digits (10), but last I checked, numerology used every number in the date, such the title of my post.

There is quite a difference between a 1 year and a 3 year in terms of meanings. I'm going with the 3 year, the signs of the Universe at large swing in my favor. We had 2 full moons in December, the second being what's referred to as a "Blue Moon".
A Blue Moon happens when a Full Moon occurs twice in the same zodiacal sign in a single astrological year. The second Full Moon of the two is known as the Blue Moon. Since we had 2 moons in one month, and on New Year's Eve, now that's a gift from the Universe! When I gazed outside the sky was cloudy so I did not see the moon, but the snow, the sky, trees, everything had a beautiful blue hue to it. I tried to capture it on my camera, but it did not due it justice. Ever seen a Blue Angel (not the dudes in the planes!), there must have been thousands of them that night. Blue is a warm, comforting, serene color. The color to calm oneself with, proven by how many bedrooms in this world are painted in blues. Blue is also the color of your Throat Chakra, the color of the Truth Goddess. It's time to open your mouth and put it all out there, the truth will set you free this year, literally! Ask and you shall receive :) Say it out loud so the Universe can really hear you. Let no BS pass your lips or it will whip back around like a boomerang and whack you upside your head so fast you'll get whiplash.

The Number 3, the Trinity of Truth, Trust & Passion. All good things come in 3s. Father, Son & Holy Ghost; Man, Woman & Child; Celtic Trinity Knot (no beginning,no end, timeless nature of our spirit), the Pyramid. We could go on and on, think about, see what you can come up with. The Pyramid is what grabs me this 2010; 3 sides, perfectly complete. Put yourself inside the pyramid, label your corners for whatever venture, adventure, healing process, whatever you'd like to accomplish this year. Work your way around the pyramid to complete your goals. You can't miss, you'll end up at the beginning again, only this time you've got the job done, making yourself a cycle of completion. No going around in circles, never seeing the next point, getting bored and giving up, like Fido chasing his tail. This being a 3 year is great for the 'Git-R-Done' motto (see Larry up top for inspiration), it's virtually guaranteed success!

I asked my Angel Cards for a card for 2010 (see the pic above), this is what I got.
Akatriel (a-ka-tre-el): guidance, learn, begin & multiply. Alpha & Omega, beginning and endgame.
Kinda says it all, don't it. But wait, there's more!
"This is your new beginning, empower your will regarding this immense opportunity, it can lead to unimaginable new heights for your heart and soul. Remember, as Above, so below. Yellow is for Creation, willpower, Orange passion, green expansion, Crimson for even mind & spirit determine to create your masterwork, you must also birth as well as nurture this perfection. Reap what you sow, but not only for you. Through gradual sowing it will provide vital heart and soul nourishment for many who are waiting for just this abundance."

So you can help others while helping yourself, charity begins at home they say! As you grow, so does your field of positive energy, and others benefit from your glow. So be your own New Year Shiny Ball and start blinding yourself and others!

PS. Larry the Cable Guy and an Angel Card on the same page. It's just who I am.

Cards are Love & Light Angel Cards by Angela McGerr, illustrations by Richard Rockwood

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